CM/ECF Registration

New York Western Bankruptcy Court

U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Western District of New York

Application to become an e-filer

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Option 1: Admittance to Practice: Attorney must be Admitted to Practice. Training is required. You may continue registering to become an e-filer, however, the Court will confirm your admittance and training BEFORE issuing a login and password.

Option 2: Pro Hac Vice: Admittance to Practice is NOT required. Training is NOT Required. Attorney must e-file a Motion & Order to Appear Pro Hac Vice.  E-filing is limited to the case in which the Motion is filed.

                 - OR -

LIMITED ACCESS LOGIN: (Email Notification is NOT available)

You must be a CREDITOR, CREDITOR'S AUTHORIZED AGENT or ATTORNEY.  Training is Not Required.  E-filing is limited to documents such as: Proof of Claims, Reaffirmation Agreements, Notice of Appearances and Transfer of Claims.

  • Attorneys requesting a Limited Access Login: Admittance to Practice is NOT required. Email notification is NOT available.
  • Non-Attorneys: MUST provide the name of the company on whose behalf you will be filing. Failure to provide a company name will result in your application being cancelled. 
  • Debtors and individual creditors attempting to file on their own behalf MUST file in paper.  A Limited Access login will NOT be issued to unrepresented individuals.  Do Not Continue.

PERSONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT COURSE PROVIDERS: Do not use this program to obtain a login and password for e-filing. The registration form can be found on the website:, Case Info, How to become an E-filer.

The data collected in this program will transfer to your CM/ECF e-filing record exactly as entered. Use capital letters for the first letter of your first, middle and last name.  Also, be sure to enter your Law Firm, Company Name and Fax Number.